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Feedback from your customers and employees in one platform

Highlighted features

AI based topic and sentiment analysis

Our sentiment analysis tool utilizes proprietary algorithms and AI technology to analyze employee and customer feedback. It uncovers insights, identifies areas for improvement, and categorizes feedback into relevant themes.


Additionally, our AI technology scans all free text answers to identify the majority of responses and pinpoint constructive ideas, enhancing the analysis process and uncovering prevalent sentiments and valuable insights from text-based feedback.


Analyse and Report

Our Analyze & Reporting features provide quick and easy access to deep insights from survey responses. You can cross-tabulate, create series, compare groups, and sort responses based on various factors. Save views for later review.

Additionally, you can conveniently share the results online and export them to popular formats like PowerPoint, Excel, and SPSS for further analysis and sharing.

Customer hub

Elevate your customer service game with the case management module, designed to help your business improve customer service by providing a structured approach to handling customer feedback and complaints.


Take swift action on customer feedback and keep full control over every interaction for a personalised and exceptional customer experience.


Manager dashboard - Key Metrics

Empower your management team with out dashboard feature - Key Metrics - and give your managers a birds-eye view of their department/segment data. The Key metrics feature provides you with a seamless and intuitive way to compare and analyze different teams or departments, enabling you to uncover valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and discover new opportunities.

Use standard questions such as NPS, eNPS, CSAT, NKI and/or simply create your own index of questions and follow the results via Key Metrics. 

Driver analysis

The driver analysis, allowing you to identify the key factors that influence certain outcomes or behaviors. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of the underlying drivers behind your survey responses.


Great looking survey design 

Answering a survey must should not be boring. Formetrics offers multiple ready to go design templates that can also be adjusted and tailored for each customer. Our modern flow design makes sure your respondents experience your brand the way you want. Everytime!  

Additional features

User friendly interface

Ready to go survey templates

Multilingual surveys

Target values and colors

User management & Account administration

Cross tabulation & filters

Pulse surveys

Email, Link & SMS survey disitribution

Mobile first design

Open Rest - API

Exports to PDF, Powerpoint, Excel & SPS

Time Series

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