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Get insights that translate into trackable actions!

Software built to enable managers and other stakeholders to act on customer and employee feedback.

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Close the loop

The case management system gives you full control over each and every individual response. Add custom columns with relevant data. sort and filter, set and change priorities.  

Delightful reporting

Compare responses, discover patterns & trends to understand your audience better. 

Action Plans

Create actions based on the insights and collect actions into trackable actions plans. 

Dialogue Manager

Chat live with respondents while they are answering surveys and provide an always open channel for communication.  

Report management

Sort your responses based on questions, answers, a time-period, respondent-details, degree of completion, and more! Save each view and peruse later.


Instant access to +100 survey & form templates. Ready to use just as they are or edited by you!

Share Insights

Share insights and results with key decision makers within your organization directly in the platform.   

Manager dashboards

Reduce HR administration and give managers a birds-eye view of the team result and the opportunity to take action and improve performance and team success. 


The Formetrics Platform

Formetrics is a feedback platform that helps you gather valuable information from your customers and employees through surveys. You can either create your own surveys or use pre-made ones.

With Formetrics case management system, you can efficiently track and solve problems that your customers and employees have and the reporting module allows you to easily analyze and understand the results of the surveys. You can also share these results and insights with important decision makers in your organization using the stakeholder sharing feature. The insights you gather can be turned into action plans to make sure that the feedback and insights are acted upon.

In short, Formetrics provides you with all the tools you need to gather valuable feedback, discover new insights, and take action based on them.   


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