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The survey platform built for              

Streamline your surveying process with our user-friendly platform, offering competitive pricing and all the essential features you need to gain valuable insights from both customer and employees. 


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Gather and analyze feedback with ease

Forget lengthy onboarding sessions and expensive consultants. Formetrics is designed to allow you to easily conduct your surveys yourself. With a well-tested user interface, AI, smart features, you can get started right away.

It is as simple as that! 

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AI based topic and sentiment analysis

Our sentiment analysis tool utilizes proprietary algorithms and AI technology to analyze employee and customer feedback. It uncovers insights, identifies areas for improvement, and categorizes feedback into relevant themes.

Manager dashboard - Key Metrics

Empower your management team with out dashboard feature - Key Metrics. Give your managers a birds-eye view of their department/segment data. With the ability to act on the results, they can make informed decisions, drive performance, and improve the overall success of their team.


Analyse and Report

Our Analyze & Reporting features provide quick and easy access to deep insights from survey responses. You can cross-tabulate, create series, compare groups, and sort responses based on various factors. Save views for later review.

Customer hub

Elevate your customer service game with the case management module, designed to help your business improve customer service by providing a structured approach to handling customer feedback and complaints.


Want to know more?

"Formetrics allows us to gather, analyze, and respond to customer feedback, giving us the chance to enhance our service and reduce the risk of future customer churn"

Kim Schiöld

Chief Executive Officer

Qualifier AI


Surveys for all your needs 

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HR professionals

With the Formetrics platform, you have the flexibility to choose the surveys that align with your organization's needs and goals as an HR Professional. 

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey: Measure overall satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.


  • Employee Engagement Survey: Assess the level of employee engagement and identify opportunities to enhance motivation and commitment.


  • Exit Interview Survey: Gather feedback from departing employees to understand their reasons for leaving.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Survey: Assess perceptions and experiences related to diversity and inclusion within the organization, helping to foster a more inclusive work environment.


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CX Experts 

As a customer feedback expert and analyst, our platform offers a range of use cases including: 

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Use NPS surveys to measure customer loyalty and identify brand advocates. Understand the likelihood of customers recommending your products or services and take action to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Conduct CSAT surveys to gauge customer satisfaction with specific interactions, products, or services. Identify areas where you excel and areas that need improvement to enhance overall customer satisfaction.


  • Customer Effort Score (CES): Measure the ease of customer interactions and transactions using CES surveys. Identify pain points and areas of friction in the customer journey, and take steps to streamline processes and reduce customer effort.​


Market Research 

Incorporating panels into your research approach helps you complement your customer feedback efforts, providing a broader perspective and deeper understanding of your target audience.​

  • Targeting Specific Demographics: When you need feedback from specific demographic segments that may not be well-represented among your existing customers, panels can provide access to a broader range of participants. 


  • Competitive Analysis: Panels enable you to gather feedback on your competitors' products or services. 


  • Longitudinal Studies: When studying changes and trends over time, panels provide the advantage of having a group of participants who can be surveyed repeatedly. This allows you to track shifts in opinions, behaviors, and preferences, providing valuable longitudinal data.

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